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[The Sanger Clinic, 46 Amber Street, Brooklyn]

[The Sanger Clinic, 46 Amber Street, Brooklyn]



Photograph shows women and men sitting with baby carriages in front of the Sanger Clinic.
Title devised by Library staff.
Photo by Social Press Association, New York.
Forms part of: New York World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection (Library of Congress).

The New York World-Telegram, later known as the New York World-Telegram and The Sun, was a New York City newspaper from 1931 to 1967. The Library of Congress collection includes about 1 million photographs that the New York World-Telegram & Sun Newspaper assembled mostly 1890 and 1967, the year in which the newspaper closed. This newspaper photo morgue is typical of the files that newspapers maintain of images that either were published or were believed to have some future publication potential. Such files were periodically "weeded" by newspaper staff members. Much of the photography used by newspapers is "quick copy," and many images have been cropped, retouched, or highlighted for publication. Some images were taken by the newspaper's staff photographers while others came from wire press services, studios, or amateur photographers.







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