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Enjambée de la sainte famille des Thuilleries à Montmidy

Enjambée de la sainte famille des Thuilleries à Montmidy



Print shows Marie Antoinette taking an enormous step from the rooftop of the Tuileries Palace in Paris to Montmédy, she is holding the royal scepter, from which the tip has broken off, in her right hand, Louis XVI, also touching the scepter, and the dauphin (Louis XVII) ride on her back, reaching for her hand and dress from the roof are Marie-Therese-Charlotte (or Madame Royale, her eldest daughter) and Elizabeth (sister of Louis XVI). Directly beneath the outstretched skirt of Marie Antoinette are the Comtesse de Le Motte with breasts exposed, holding aloft a neckless, and the Cardinal Rohan, associated through the Diamond neckless affair, also present is Duke de Coigny. On the left, supporting the rock at Montmédy under her right foot, are Jacques-Antoine-Marie de Cazalès, the Abbé Maury with a long snake extending from his mouth, and vicomte de Mirabeau holding bottle and glass. At the far left, a couple anxiously awaits the arrival of the royal family.

de Vinck, 3929
Blum, 274
Forms part of: French Political Cartoon Collection (Library of Congress).
Exhibited: "Representing Revolution : French & British Images, 1789-1804" at the Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, Sept. 15-Nov. 1, 1989.





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