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Scene on the Susquehannah [sic.] See the Foresters a poem

Scene on the Susquehannah [sic.] See the Foresters a poem



Print shows Alexander Wilson and two companions walking along a trail in a heavily wooded area near the Susquehanna River where they encounter a large rattlesnake blocking their way, one man raises a rifle to shoot the snake, but Wilson, carrying a pack on his back and a short walking stick, intercedes, the man does not shoot, the snake crosses the path, and the travelers continue their journey. In 1804, Alexander Wilson, considered the father of American ornithology, took a walking tour to Niagara Falls, which he commemorated in a long poem titled "The Foresters : A poem descriptive of a pedestrian journey to the falls of Niagara, in the Autumn of 1804" serialized in The Port Folio magazine from June 1809 to March 1810.
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Possibly published between July and December 1809 in: The Port Folio / Oliver Oldschool, Esq. Philadelphia, Pa. : The Editor and Asbury Dickens, 1809, New Series, v. 1, nos. 7-12.
Forms part of: Marian S. Carson collection at the Library of Congress.

The Americana collection of Marian Sadtler Carson (1905-2004) spans the years 1656-1995 with the bulk of the material dating from 1700 to 1876. The collection includes more than 10,000 historical letters and manuscripts, broadsides, photographs, prints and drawings, books and pamphlets, maps, and printed ephemera from the colonial era through the 1876 centennial of the United States. It is believed to be the most extensive existing private collection of early Americana. The collection includes such important and diverse historical treasures as unpublished papers of Revolutionary War figures and the Continental Congress; letters of several American presidents, including Thomas Jefferson; a manuscript account of the departure of the first Pony Express rider from St. Joseph, Mo.; and what may be the earliest photograph of a human face. Many of the rare books and pamphlets in the collection pertain to the early Congresses of the United States, augmenting the Library's unparalleled collection of political pamphlets and imprints. The Carson Collection adds to the Library's holdings the first presidential campaign biography, John Beckley's Address to the people of the United States with an Epitome and vindication of the Public Life and Character of Thomas Jefferson, published in Philadelphia in 1800. The book was written to counter numerous attacks against Jefferson's character, which appeared in newspapers and pamphlets during the bitter election campaign. The Rare Book and Special Collections Division shares custodial responsibility for the collection with the Library's Geography and Map Division, Music Division, Prints and Photographs Division, and the Manuscript Division.





Lawson, Alexander, 1773-1846, etching
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)


Susquehanna River Hills39.57150, -76.13162
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