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The doughboys make good

The doughboys make good



Caption label from exhibit "World War I ...": Edward Penfield's Doughboys in Action. Setting the active, outlined soldiers against a colorfully streaked sky, Penfield glorifies the bravery and skill of the "doughboys" or infantrymen of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. By August 1918, when this cover design for Collier's magazine appeared, U.S. forces had already helped halt the German advance on Paris and other Allied actions had checked the German offensives by late June. Penfield, here employing his signature style inspired by Japanese prints and French poster design, influenced illustrators of his time and later through his poster and cover art.
Title from item.
Forms part of: Cabinet of American illustration (Library of Congress).
Published as cover of: Collier's magazine, Aug. 10, 1918.
Exhibited: "World War I : American Artists View the Great War" in the Graphic Arts Gallery, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., May - November 2016.

Harper & Brothers began publication of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine in 1850. It was renamed Harper’s Monthly Magazine in the 1900 Christmas issue. Edward Penfield served the Harpers as staff illustrator, editor, and art director from 1890 to 1901. Penfield created his first lithograph for Harper’s Magazine in 1893. He made posters advertising each successive issue of the magazine for over seven years. Penfield also created advertisements and cover designs for books published by Harper and Brothers.





Penfield, Edward, 1866-1925, artist


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